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Movement of the Moon: Reflections of the Feminine

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Movement of the Moon: Reflections of the Feminine

by Elizabeth Clark-Stern & Lindsey Rosen

This exploration of the feminine begins with a play, the story of Camille Claudel: the Maiden, the Woman, the Crone. Best known to the world as the muse and lover of Auguste Rodin, she was a gifted artist in her own right who created sculptures of deep, sensual spirituality. The relationships in her family proved crucial to Camille’s psychological development as she moved between the opposing forces of love and betrayal. Even as she struggled with madness, she found a home for her soul in her beloved creations. From here, we move to prose and poetic evocations of many essential themes of the feminine: motherhood, daughterhood, love, loss, experiences unique to the feminine body, experiences that transcend ordinary consciousness into the world of symbols and dreams.

About the Authors

Elizabeth Clark-Stern is a psychotherapist, screenwriter, actor, and playwright. Her produced teleplays include All I Could See From Where I Stood, Help Wanted, and the documentary Home From the Eastern Sea. In 2007 her play, Out of the Shadows: A Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung, was performed at the International Jungian Congress in Cape Town. In 2013, On the Doorstep of the Castle: The Story of Teresa of Avila and Alma de Leon was performed at the Copenhagen Jungian Congress. Her play Timeless Night: Viktor Frankl Meets Edith Stein premiered in Seattle in 2014. Elizabeth has also revived her first career in the arts, acting in the roles of Toni Wolff, Teresa of Avila, Edith Stein, and the Crone Camille Claudel.

Lindsey Rosen is a psychotherapist, dance/movement therapist, performance artist, yoga teacher, writer and mother. She acted, danced and choreographed the role of Alma in Elizabeth Clark-Stern’s play On the Doorstep of the Castle, presented at the International Association of Analytical Psychology Congress in Copenhagen in 2013. She has co-written/directed and choreographed The Movement of the Moon- Camille Claudel: Life Phases of the Feminine in Art, Madness, and Love, acting and dancing the role of adult Camille Claudel alongside her daughter in the role of Maiden Camille. She has a private practice in Seattle, pursues training in sandplay therapy and leads workshops for Mothers and Adolescent Daughters integrating the body, myth and feminine psychology.

Front cover image is from an original painting by Susan Bostrom-Wong

Title: The Movement of the Moon: Reflections of the Feminine
Authors: Elizabeth Clark-Stern and Lindsey Rosen
Paperback: 174 pages
Condition: New
Edition: First
Publisher: Genoa House (April 10, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1926975146
ISBN-13: 9781926975146