A Salty Lake of Tears: A Soul Journey by Lois Carey, 1st Edition, Trade Paperback, 112pp, 2011, ISBN 9781926715476

Solar Light, Lunar Light: Perspectives in Human Consciousness, 1st edition, Trade Paperback, 120 pp, Index, ISBN 9781926975054


Beyond the Mask: The Rising Sign Part 1 & 2 (Combined Edition) by Kathleen Burt – Astrology/Spirituality, Trade Paperback, 394 pp, 2012, ISBN 9781926975085


Out of the Shadows: A Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung by Elizabeth Clark-Stern, 1st Edition Trade Paperback, 70 pp, 2010, ISBN 9780981393940

On the Doorstep of the Castle by Elizabeth Clark-Stern, 1st Edition Trade Paperback, 80 pp(est), Aug 2013, ISBN 978 


Feasts of Phantoms, a novel by Kehinde Ayeni, 1st Edition Paperback, 350 pp, 2010, ISBN 9780981393926

Soul Stories by Elizabeth Clark-Stern, 1st Edition Trade Paperback, 160 pp, June 2011, ISBN 9781926975009

The History of My Body, a novel by Sharon Heath, 1st Edition Paperback, 300 pp, Oct 2011, ISBN 9781926975023

Main Street Stories, a novel by Phyllis LaPlante, 1st Edition Paperback, 238 pp, 2010, ISBN 9780981393919

The R.R. Document, a novel by J.G. Moos, 1st Edition Paperback, 246 pp, 2009, ISBN 9780981393902

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